building resilience

Resilience is the process of adapting well to life events. Our 'Building Resilience' program teaches children skills that increase adaptability, flexibility and how to ‘bounce back’.


 Increased resilience

Adaptability & Flexibility


communication skills

This program focuses on encouraging children to express their thoughts, feelings and opinions more clearly. It also teaches them how to respect the needs, feelings and opinions of others.


Clearer Communication Style

Conflict Management

Stronger Interpersonal Skills


team building

Team building within the classroom is designed to increase social cohesion, raise morale and create a positive learning environment for children. Having a happy, high-performing classroom will help you achieve your classroom’s goals.


Stronger Social Cohesion in the classroom

Stronger Interpersonal Skills



Bullying damages the psychological wellbeing of your students and leads to a less productive classroom.

This program focuses on developing student’s self-awareness, respect other’s opinions and empower them to resolve conflict through effective communication.


Increased Empathy & Understanding


creative thinking skills

Our creative thinking course looks at promoting ‘outside the box’ thinking, getting students to find alternate solutions to problems which assists with problem-solving skills.


Promotion of ‘outside the box’ thinking

Increased Problem Solving Skills