Resilience is the process of adapting well to life events. Our 'Building Resilience' program teaches children skills that increase adaptability, flexibility and how to ‘bounce back’.


 Increased resilience

Adaptability & Flexibility

leadership skills in young men/young women


Leadership is the act of leading a group of people, towards a common goal.

Students will learn and practice the basic tenets of leadership such as leading by example, communication skills, teamwork, healthy risk taking. These are taught through confidence building exercises and exercises and improv exercises


Increased Confidence

Understanding of healthy risk taking


managing troublesome boys (ages 13 - 18)

This program teaches young men strategies to manage their emotions in a healthy manner. It provides a safe creative outlet to express themselves without judgement and focus their energy in a more productive direction.


Stronger communication skills

Increased creative thinking

Development of coping skills

managing bitchiness in girls

As young girls move into adolescence, the problem of ‘bitchiness’ tends to rise.

This program guides young women towards more productive communication methods. We teach exercises that provide a safe creative outlet that allows for vulnerability. We teach embracing failure without judgement and team activities that foster a team attitude.


Embracing failure

Team building

Creative thinking skills


Embracing failure

Failure is a natural part of life. Judgement and fear of failure is a killer of creativity. Unfortunately, students can feel immense pressure to succeed and this stress spreads to other areas of their life. This program focuses on letting teenagers know that failure is okay, how to embrace failure and how to take the lessons that failure teaches us.


Understanding failure

Increased confidence


Confidence is the certainty of your abilities and having trust in yourself, people or the future.

As students move into adolescence, their confidence can be knocked as they move through a momentous time of their life.

This program focuses on empowering students in their own abilities, learn to trust themselves and feel a sense of surety about their skills and abilities.


Increased confidence


OSP - ATAR Assistance

We also offer assistance to ATAR drama students in their development of their OSP, as well as training with the improvisation portion of the exam.


Increased creativity

Improv training


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