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Our story.

The Australian Institute of Theatresports® was founded in 1989 when directors Michael and Angela Sanderson-Green identified a need for creative learning opportunities for people of all ages.

AITS created an environment where individuals can learn and grow in a safe but challenging way.

We decided to develop on a program that would promote meaningful life skills in a fun learning environment. Directors Angela and Michael Sanderson-Green used their background in Occupational Therapy and Improvised Acting to develop a set of AITS Improvised Acting programs.

Our love of drama and belief that everyone can achieve greatness motivated us to design and deliver these programs to young people ranging in spectrums of abilities and cultural backgrounds.

About: About

Our past projects

We have worked with many schools and students on a variety of projects throughout the years. In every project, we carefully guided students to overcome their challenges and build effective, long-lasting skills. 

Our team


Poppin is a director and facilitator at AITS.


Poppin's loves teaching young people the art of improvisation. 

She is passionate about providing children and teenagers a space to be themselves and feel free to express their creativity. When she's not facilitating and designing programs, you'll find her at Livewire. 

Poppin Sanderson-Green


Angela is a founder, director and administrator of AITS.


Angela is your port of call when you contact us and will guide you to the right course for your needs.

Having taught in the field for many years, Angela finds her experience better suited to understanding your school’s needs and devising a course best suited to your goals.

Angela Sanderson-Green


Michael is a founder, director and facilitator at AITS.


Michael is a versatile and intuitive improvisation teacher.


His insightful understanding of human behaviour enables him to change the energy of the room and keep young people engaged in learning. 


Michael Sanderson- Green


Charlotte is a facilitator and Project Manager at AITS. 

Charlotte is an energetic teacher who enjoys seeing young people build confidence and have fun with improvised performance. She has a background as an actor and singer along with voice coaching and choir performances.  When not facilitating she works behind the scenes.

Charlotte Rigoli


James is a Facilitator at AITS.


James is a drama teacher by trade with a wealth of skill and knowledge working with children and young people.


He has worked in primary and high schools across England and at risk youth in the UK juvenile justice system teaching performance skills. 

James Hancox

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