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Our mission


To provide young people with the tools to become clear communicators, creative thinkers and confident individuals through our improvisation educational workshops.

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Australian Institute of 


The Australian Institute of Theatresports (AITS) is an educational organization that provides meaningful learning experiences to children, teenagers and adults through our improvisation and drama workshops.

We have been active since 1989 and over the past 25+ years we have taught thousands of students across Perth, wider Western Australia, Australia and Asia.


Our programs

We offer a range of engaging, exciting and informative programs to address the varied needs of primary school, high school students and teachers.

Our improvisation workshops provide many benefits to students and teachers alike - improved communication skills, development of cognitive functioning, increased literacy and comprehension skills, boosts in self-esteem, increased creative and out-of-the-box thinking, and increased social awareness.

All of our programs are tailored to your specific classroom needs.

A word from our facilitators...

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Orana Catholic Primary School

A well thought out and prepared concept, I was great to see my children beginning to take risks about being laughed at and making mistakes.  Some children were prepared to work with peers who were not friends – good to see.

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