Teachers Workshops

We conduct Professional Development sessions in your school or district for all staff with programmes tailored to meet the schools needs and may include:

Yes Lets Stimulate Learning - a variety of verbal and non-verbal activities would be presented with discussions on how they can be adapted for age and ability groups

Team Building - this may be for staff, teachers and parents and/or to build the team within the classroom. Discussion revolves around the way to adapt the techniques to be used in the variety of settings

Communication - a combination of theory and practical exercises to again meet the needs of the group and use within other settings

Prevention and Management of Verbal Abuse and Violence in the Workplace - an overview of how to manage adverse situations with students, parents and other staff with a major emphasis on prevention

Disability Awareness - how to effectively communicate and adapt for people with disability - both students and parents

Specific Issues / Conflict Resolution - an opportunity to investigate and resolve issues within the school community

Accreditation course for Teachers - a 12-hour workshop that can be conducted in your school.


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