Interschool Competitions

An annual event for teams from schools in WA to learn to improvise and compete for this prestigious trophy.

The programme includes a series of compulsory workshops and a performance.


These events have been postponed until further notice although we can hold one in your school - ring us

About the Interschool Competitions

The three interschool competitions are designed to allow students the best chance of feeling competitive and competent within their particular age groups. The middle school competition is designed to allow the District High Schools to attend. The programme consists of 2 compulsory workshops and a show. The programme is held over a weekend with the show on the Monday night to maximise country involvement. As the workshops are compulsory (we only allow a student to miss 3 hours with a good reason).

The workshops are always a high energy affair that builds comrardary and cooperation between teams. Our experience is that students have developed and sustained friendships for years following the event. They are also learn and hone their improvisation skills.

The shows/competitions allow the students to experience the mix of improvised theatre and team sports. The workshop process allows them to compete and support each other at he same time.

To promote this we have developed the show to be 4 sections:

1. The Entrance

This is a chance for the team to develop and rehearse a short slick entrance. This allows the team to build support form the audience and demonstrate their togetherness.

2. The Games

Teams play 2 improvisation games which are drawn from a hat. This allows them to demonstrate their improvisation skills and team cohesiveness in playing. The games are selected to ensure success within their developmental level.

3. Individual Games

Players compete against players from other teams for points in a variety of pressure storytelling games.

4. Co-operating with competitors

Teams nominate players to play with team members from other schools. They have to play and cooperate with their competitors in order to gain maximum points for the game. This is a structure not available in most other sports.

The teams compete for a large trophy (deliberately chosen to dwarf the sporting trophies in the school cabinet). This will presented in person by Angela and Michael- giving further credance to the win.


  • 1990-92 Winners not recorded
  • 1993 Sensitive New Age Guys,
    Guildford Grammar
  • 1994 Faulty Door Knobs,
    Perth College
  • 1995 Big Toe Bandits,
    Perth College
  • 1996 Ultra Violence, Mater Dei
  • 1997 The Lard Majority,
    Carmel School
  • 1998 Joint winners: Antithemists, Perth College
    Exit Stage Left, Balga SHS
  • 1999 Operation Sister Wendy, John XXIIIrd College
  • 2000 Blues Brothers, Hale School
  • 2001 Joint winners:
    Cheezles Return, Chisholm College
    Nikki Webster Fan Club, John XXIIIrd College
    Idiot Box, John Septimus Roe ACS
  • 2002 All Saints, All Saints College
  • 2003 Jackass in a Box, Perth College
  • 2004 Beat Box, John Septimus Roe ACS
  • 2005 Hot Potato, St Mary's Anglican Girls School
  • 2006 Pirates in Tights Corpus Christi College
  • 2007 Those Meddling Kids
    Christchurch Grammar
  • 2008 Lightning Bolts John Septimus Roe ACS
  • 2009 The A Team Corpus Christi College
  • 2010 St Marys Safari St Marys AGS
  • 2011 3 1/2 Lanks St Stephens School Duncraig

Junior FOTS Cup

  • 2004 High Five, Sacred Heart College
  • 2005 The Phoney Boloneys, Sacred Heart College
  • 2006 Good Clean Fun, Sacred Heart College
  • 2007 Joint winners:
    Five, John Septimus Roe ACS
    Mod Squad, Sacred Heart College
  • 2008 The Dardites Perth College
  • 2009 Macho Miners Tom Price SHS
  • 2010 Purple Monkey Dishwashers Tom Price SHS
  • 2011 40 Cent St Stephens School Duncraig


  • 2002 Matty and the Hot and Spicy Chicks, Quintilian School
  • 2003 Girls in Black, Perth College
  • 2004 Fab Four, Fremantle PEAC
  • 2005 Trademark, Rostrata Primary School
  • 2006 Joint winners:
    Unco ordinated Confused Superhereos Atwell Primary School
    Mindarie Blues Mindarie Primary School
  • 2007 Bunbury Blitz Bunbury Cathedral Grammar
  • 2008 The Lucky Lot Bunbury Cathedral Grammar
  • 2009 Beauty and the Geeks St Pauls Catholic School
  • 2010 Theatre Freaks John Septimus Roe ACS
  • 2011 No Ones Better Than Than St Pauls catholic School

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