Australian Institute of Theatresports (R) in Asia

Wednesday January 30 2008

Michael and Angela conducted improvisation programmes in Hong Kong during January 2006. They ran a 1 day programme at Beacon Hill International School and a 2 day programme at Kinagsu-Cheriang School - international section.
These programmes consisted of a mixture of workshops with students, a show with involvement from volunteers from the audience and Professional Development with teachers. We hope to return for more extensive work in the near future.

On the same tour we again visited Utahloy International School in Guangzhou, China. This year we were able to build upon the work we had done in 2005 with a 2 week programme. Every student in the school from Kindy to year 12 were involved in workshops for upto 2 hours. It was amazing to see how much they had retained from the previous visit and this allowed us to extend their skills and confidence. This looks like it will be an annual visit so we are looking forward to building their creative improv skills and hoping that they will come and join in one of the interschool competitions held in Perth.