Reflections from Hong Kong students

Friday August 7 2009

These are the reflections of some of the students from Hong Kong and their thoughts of Perth and the Interschool competition

On this school trip because of Theatresports, we went to Perth, a quiet but very nice city in Australia. Not only was the aim Theatersports, or improvement of our English, but also to experience the culture in Australia. In these 10 days, we enjoyed our time with our loving and caring hosts, The Sanderson-Green family. With Michael and Angela, Munderwae and Lulu, and all the cute little pets, Sooty, Petal, Toto and Misty. They were the ones who took care of us so well during our stay, bringing us to different places, to have a closer look of the City of Perth, and also the extraordinary mother nature. I was surprised how quiet a city can be, big and nice, even similar to Central here in Hong Kong. The only thing different, is the lack of people. It was a cool experience but the natural side was even more amazing. The clear blue sky at night, so quiet, so peaceful, with all the stars shining above your head,a gentle breeze that passes through your body,I will never forget that experience!
Besides the city and the countryside, we also experienced the school life in Australia. A totally different and awesome life. I never thought that learning could be done in such a lively and fun way. Drama lessons, dance lessons. This is the stuff that we do not have in schools in Hong Kong, which we should. We also met some people as we wandered around, learnt some new dance moves and techniques on English presentations. Just one word, BRAVO!
Another fun thing that we did was to cook for our host family. I swear that was not my best cooking, the food we cooked on that day could have been better… But well the most important thing is, we enjoyed it, and I think so did they. But compared to their cooking, ours is nothing. . Food in Australia is just too nice! Pies, toast, fish and chips, BBQ sausages. I just loved them all. And that Italian Chicken dish (forgot the name) yummy!!
This whole trip was just Whacked!! The beautiful countryside, the unforgettable taste of the food, the warm and friendly people, those fun lessons, cute animals, the excellent competition, fascinating Theatersports Workshop, extremely cold water (well went swimming when it was 6 C) . It was the best experience I have ever had.
A School Trip usually gives me an impression of something which is fun but full of stress, no freedom and constant monitoring by teachers every second. However, this trip changed my mind. We were able to explore things by ourselves. It was a good opportunity to find out about a different culture. Also, it was a good way to build up our confidence and language skills, since English had become our essential communication skill.
The highlight of the trip is Theatresports, the workshops and the show really benefited us a lot. During a series of activities, we can realize that students in Australia really perform well. We really needed to learn from them. Their creativity and acting skills were amazing.
Someone might say performing is useless, for me acting is actually a part of life, we usually have many ideas in our mind which we are not able to do in actual life, however we can act out and express what we think on the stage.
Visiting the school, wildlife park, art gallery, drama, swimming in cold water, canoeing, it was really great fun. Cooking food with the Sanderson-Green family and BBQing in the wildlife park were really unforgettable moments.
Before I went on this trip,I was a bit nervous,cause this is the first time time that I needed to stay in another country and communicate with other people.
But when I first went to the workshop,I changed my mind. All the people there were very kind and nice.When we had some questions,they would help us to understand what they were talking about.This make me feel very good and we all tried our best to communicate with them.
This trip was a wonderful experience for the five of us, we all learnt a lot during the trip.We learnt how to be nice and polite to tourists and help Michael and Angela to clean up their house.We also know much more about Australian culture, the beautiful scenery of Australia which is much better than Hong Kong.
What I learnt from this trip is not to fear about acting. Acting is a very fun activity. Angela told us that what we need to do is to make it up,it means no matter what we do,just don't be afraid. Even if it does not make sense,just say it, no one will know. Also we learnt how to take care of ourselves because we needed to cook breakfast ourselves,tidy up our beds and take care of everything.
I think this was a very good chance for all of us to improve our English because all the people there speak English, we needed to try to get them to understand what we were talking about,also the environment there is great,the learning environment is very good too.
I hope that our school can organise more trips like this so that we all can improve our English!!
I'm one of the Made in Hong Kong team members , it was my honour to take part in the Theatersports Competition in Perth , Western Australia . It was my first time to join a big competition in a different country . I have enjoyed the Theatersports activities in school before but it is totally different in terms of diffculty between local and foreign students because the atmosphere are totally different . The players in Perth were awesome and they were really confident
on stage . That was one of the on stage attitudes that Hong Kong students lack. During the competition , I met lots of new friends and learnt a lot from them. It was really a rare chance for a Hong Kong student to join an overseas competition.It was a really good chance to improve our English pronunciation skills and we had a special opportunity to explore the world and increase our range of experience , Theatersports is a really good way for us to consolidate our basic English skills and have some improvement .
I will never forget the experience in Perth because the trip was really amazing and unforgettable. It was great fun to live and play with Australlian students because most of them are really friendly and easygoing . My range of experience increased a lot because I have tried lots of new things in Perth . It was my greatest pleasure when the Made In Hong Kong team got second runner up in the Theatersports Competition , It was hard to play on stage with the native speakers but ALL of us enjoyed performing on stage. I hope that I can go back to Perth and join the Theatersports Competition again as it can help me to improve my English Skills and I don't feel nervous on stage any more .
In this trip, I learnt many things. Of course, it was about English. I have learnt a lot about the culture of Australia. Michael and Angela were so good to us. There was something funny that happened. One day, after the dinner, I still felt hungry ,so I ate a few pieces of bread. So that everyone would always laugh at me whenever I was hungry. Also, I learnt lots of English from the conversations with the local people.I think it was interesting for me. It was also difficult for me. My English is not very good, so I felt a little bit scared. But now, I feel very confident.