Editorial February 2009

Thursday February 19 2009

Happy New Year and welcome to the year of the Ox which we all hope is better than the year of the Rat which certainly snuck up on us as the world went into financial meltdown. Anyway if we do go into a Depression - remember laughter is the best remedy, so do more improvisation.

We have been analysing the program we developed in Hong Kong last year and we believe it has potential to fit into the curriculum of year 6& 7’s and possible year 8’s in WA. It entailed using improvisation to develop ideas and structure to develop and perform scripted stories around a theme. That theme could be anything, in any subject. So it could incorporate the Math theme of “Probability†which is then workshopped into ideas for a play and then scripted and performed, thus incorporating English and Drama as well. If you are interested give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll give you more details.

Speaking of Hong Kong, the school Aberdeen Baptist LCC is definitely coming to Perth to compete in the Senior FOTS cup this year. This willl make the competition very interesting and perhaps we’ll be have to call the winning team the Australasian champions, so make sure your school is in it. If you have younger students check the Calendar and registration of interest in this newsletter for the respective competition. Also note for those of you in the South West we have anew comp for students in years 5 to 7. It is the SW Cup held at Bunbury Grammar in March – so enroll now

We only have one child in school now and he is in year 12 this year so we can start gradually building up our programs back into the country areas, especially those areas that require more of a tour such as the Kimberly’s and the Pilbara areas - really miss working in Aboriginal communities and remote areas so that is our goal this year.

Hope you all have a productive and enjoyable year.
Angela and Michael