Editorial June 2008

Monday August 11 2008

The end of the financial year already or the end of term 2 depending how you want to look at it. The first half of the year has been very interesting for us we have been doing our usual projects in a variety of schools with some great interhouse competitions from John XIIIrd, Iona, St Marys AGS and John Septimus Roe ACS.

We have also been busier and busier in the corporate sector doing role plays for upper management which has been both fun and invigorating. We have been involved in a major mining company role playing with staff on conducting difficult conversations in performance management. It saw us travel around the state to mine sites as well as Queensland.
It was busy but fantastic to use improvisation skills so widely in the workplace.

The second half of the year brings the interschool competitions so if you have got 4 students that believe they should be on Thank God You Are Here then you have got a team. There are 3 separate competitions, Jnr FOTS Cup for students in years 8 to 10, Snr FOTS cup for students in years 10 to 12 and AITS Cup for students in years 6 and 7. I am sure there is one for your talented students. The calendar on this website will give you the dates.

November sees us start our 6 year contract at Aberdeen Baptist School in Hong Kong in Teaching English Through Storytelling. We are really looking forward to it as the students are a hoot and it will be exciting to see the growth over this period.

Check out Theatregames on Access 31 on Tuesday nights, we can guarantee that we can get your students improvising better than the competitors on this show. It is worth having a look for ideas or homework for your drama kids to see all the sins of improv being committed in a 30 minute period.