Editorial Feb 2008

Tuesday February 19 2008

Happy birthday to all those born on the 29th February in this leap year. Hopefully it will also be a special year for everyone. We are intending to move this newsletter into the 21st century and posting it on our website with an email notification when it is updated. This should not only be cost effective for us it should be more up to date and friendlier to the planet.

Do not forget to look for the dates for the interschool competitions, you can find them on this site and get your team in early. We were hoping to have a school from Hong Kong enter this year but the dates have not worked out so we hope to arrange it for 2009.

Over the last 2 years we have worked more and more as improv actors in corporation training, taking on roles as difficult characters for managers to have challenging conversations. This has enabled us to develop our own character work and abilities in maintaining believable situations on demand. If your management team is looking for training on how to manage difficult clients, staff or situations do not hesitate to put us forward. We will make sure it is more than an academic exercise.

Do not forget to let us know if there is anything you would like to include in our newsletter, articles from students, photos etc and upcoming events for your school. We are happy to include them on the website and in print.

For everyone that we have an email address for I will be sending an email regarding updates on the website. However if you would like to continue to receive a print copy please let me know.

Some quotes from students at Aberdeen Baptist School in Hong Kong:

Improvisation is perfect activity for students. It is exactly fun and games and situations. - Peggy

I am happy to join this activity. After that I am, interested in English and to join in again.n - John

Angela and Michael