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Tuesday February 5 2008

What a great year so far, we have seen some great competitions both Interschool and Interhouse and we have got more to come, do not forget to enter your primary school in the annual AITS® Cup.

Sacred Heart College won the Junior FOTS Cup (4th year in row) but this time in a tie with John Septimus Roe ACS. The Senior FOTS cup was won by Christ Church Grammar, which was the first time for them. A special mention to Girrawheen SHS who entered for the first time and came a very close third,in fact 5 teams were within 2.5 points of each other, with the others just a few points behind that.

Talking about competitions we are travelling to work in 3 Hong Kong schools in October/November culminating in an interschool competition. We are working in local Chinese speaking schools so it will be interesting. The 3 schools cross the spectrum of schools in Hong Kong, an all girls band 1 school, a co-ed band 2 school and an all boys band 3 school. Lulu will be joining Michael for the first part of the trip with Angela joining them later.

Thank God You Are Here has made a big impact with students everywhere and reinvigorated interest in improv. We have attempted to put some of the concepts into the shows as a game. At this stage it really has not worked well, the main problem being that the concept works on gag improv and not narrative improv like we encourage. We have an emphasis on developing storylines and have the ethos is to make everyone look good. TGYH works on the comedian being put on the spot and kept there despite the potential storyline. Still, it is great to watch and it creates interest in the art form. We often get students to critique the show looking for blocking and extending offers. Great homework!!!!

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