A great start to the year

Friday February 8 2008

We are writing this editorial in China in the middle of our Asian tour, no summer holiday for us this year.
We had a fantastic 4 weeks in Hong Kong. We did workshops in 4 schools: Beacon Hill and Chiangsu Kiatsu International schools, who only teach in English, St Catharines Girls School who teach 50% of the time in English and Aberdeen Baptist(ABLMMC). who teach in Cantonese with English classes. Each school had its charms and challenges but children are children and all seemed to love the media of impovisation.
ABLMMC especially went all out to make the most of the experience by having professional development sessions for the English teachers, printing special T- shirts, and having a 2 hour show on the last day to showcase the skills learnt during the week. The experience is best summed up by visiting the article on our website written by a NET (Native English Teacher), she wrote the article for the NET Hong Kong Association- an organization that supports the NET teachers in Hong Kong.

Our third year at Utahloy International School in Guangzhua went well; the students get better and more enthusiastic every year. We get amazed on how much the students retain from year to year especially the pre primaries who saw us for 1 hour as Kindies.

I hope your year has started as well as ours and we look forward to seeing some of you during the year. If you do want us at your school remember to contact us early to get the dates you want, already the diary is getting full and we are likely to go to Hong Kong again during the year.

A little Feng Shui philosophy -The mind of the perfect man (improviser) is like a mirror, it does not move with things, nor does it anticipate them, it responds to things but does not retain them -. (The Chuang-tzu ).