June 2006

Monday January 1 2007

Half the year has past already and what a great half year its been. We've conducted interhouse competitions in numerous schools and the standard of playing has been very high. The number of students wanting to play has also been very high, with some schools having to limit numbers and having reserves who come to all the workshops 'just in case'. PLC had so many girls that each house formed a cheerleading squad of about 20 girls who performed the entrance and created a great atmosphere on the evening.

One of the factors in the resurgence of students wanting to get up on stage to 'give it a go' is the success of the show "Thank God You're Here". We have even introduced it as one of the games in the longer section of the show. However it has highlighted the fact that the talent in the show is the actors and not the comedians who the actors focus very well. The other problem is that the scenes on the show are part scripted so the actors often have to ignore great offers to get back to the script, this is a little against good TheatreSports playing. Remember the golden rule is to over accept all offers. Still the students love the concept and it's just another way of improvising and teaches how to make someone else the focus.

This term sees the older students compete in the Senior FOTS cup (see dates further in this issue) We still have places if you want to enter a team to represent your school.

This term we have an exciting project in Ellenbrook, we are conducting evening workshops for anyone living in Ellenbrook. It is a community initiative which will culminate in a family public show. We'll let you know how it goes.

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